K[no]w Barley, K[no]w Beer
K[no]w Barley, K[no]w Beer

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K[no]w Barley, K[no]w Beer

by Susan Haney, Vice President of Operations

What is big sky country? This past August, I—along with my colleague Joe Heaton—the Beer Institute’s director of federal affairs–traveled to Sunburst, Montana to lend our hands as part of the annual barley harvest. If you’ve ever been to Montana, you know that the clear blue sky stretches along the horizon for miles. And at night, the sky turns into a blanket of twinkling stars.

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Tax relief for brewers and beer importers will provide solid economic benefits

by Michael Uhrich, Chief Economist

In order to provide comprehensive tax relief to America’s brewers and beer importers, Congress recently passed a temporary reduction in federal excise taxes on beer as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which President Trump signed into law in December 2017. This tax cut is good news for the beer industry as well as for the American economy because the new excise tax rates on beer may help make our industry stronger, more diverse, and more competitive.

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