The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is the chief regulator of alcohol in the United States. It is the federal government’s third-biggest revenue generating agency behind the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. TTB officials review more than 100,000 labels and thousands of product formulas each year, as well as license review and background checks.

In addition to collecting taxes, TTB is responsible for enforcing the Federal Alcohol Administration Act. The FAAA was created to regulate the alcohol industry after the repeal of Prohibition, replacing a previous body (the Federal Alcohol Control Administration) which did not have statutory powers. The Act still partly continues in force, underpinning the powers of the TTB. A fully-funded TTB guards against unscrupulous actors entering the American market place with dangerous, counterfeit alcohol who fail to pay taxes.

Beer Institute Position

The TTB is vital to the success and stability of the U.S. beer industry. The agency has a proven history of maintaining balanced regulations that support the needs of both consumers and brewers. We have urged Congress to use the Obama Administration’s request of $101 million as a starting point to fund the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. We have also asked Congress to appropriate the full amount in direct funds to TTB rather than allocate any portion of the appropriation into program integrity funds – which prevents the TTB from accessing the money to operate the agency properly. This is not the time to question the budget of an agency that is integral to job creation and expansion for brewers and beer importers.

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Beverage Alcohol Industry Letter

The Beer Institute, along with other trade associations that represents distilled spirits, beer and wine encourages a funding increase for the TTB. To learn more, download below.


Alcohol, Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau

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