The American Beer Industry Is More Than Amber Waves of Grain
The American Beer Industry Is More Than Amber Waves of Grain

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The American Beer Industry Is More Than Amber Waves of Grain

by Alex Davidson, Director of Public Affairs

This article originally appeared on Bloomberg Tax on September 2, 2022. What image comes to mind when you think of a job in the beer industry? Maybe it’s a union worker on the bottling line of one of America’s oldest beer brands—the same brand that your grandfather drank 50 years ago. Perhaps it’s your local craft brewery offering taproom samples of their latest limited-edition microbrew.

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Building Bridges – Cheers to 21 Years!

by Susan Haney, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs

This month I celebrate 21 years of working for the Beer Institute. In the beer business, 21 years is a special number because it is one of the most coveted and celebrated milestones for an individual – the day you can enjoy your first alcohol beverage as a legal-aged drinking adult.

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State Lawmakers Stand Up for Jobs and Local Brewers

by the Beer Institute

A leading beer industry publication recently ran this statement about efforts in states to pass special tax hand-outs to the liquor lobby that would hurt local beer economies: “Arguments for reducing taxes on RTD spirits are clearly not a winner in state legislatures in 2022.” Beer Marketer’s Insights looked at legislative debates in a handful of states and concluded: “distilled spirits going 0-fer so far this spring.” Pro-liquor tax carveout bills failed big this year in seven states: Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Washington, and

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All alcohol drinks are not the same

by Bill Young, Senior Director of Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Several years ago, Miller Brewing Company said, “Alcohol is not for everyone, every time or every place.” The opinion was well stated then and it is still useful today as we wrap up another Alcohol Awareness month and head into a season filled with drinking occasions. Awareness of the causes and treatment methods for alcohol use disorder (AUD) is the intended purpose of Alcohol Awareness Month.

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Inflation highlights issues facing the beer industry

by Jim McGreevy

U.S. inflation is hitting highs we have not seen in 30 years, and consumers are feeling the crunch at the supermarket, the gas pump and more as the costs of goods continue to rise. The global pandemic, supply chain shortages, and shipping delays put further pressure on our already strained industries, including the beer industry. The pandemic impacted every sector of our economy, and many industries, including the beer industry, are still recovering.

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Brewers and Beer Importers are Working Behind the Scenes to Promote Responsible Consumption

by Bill Young, Senior Director, Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs

April is Alcohol Awareness Month.  The National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, one of the organizations instrumental in setting the national drinking age to 21 in 1984, established Alcohol Awareness Month to educate people about alcohol issues, especially among our nation’s youth. A crucial part of alcohol awareness is knowing the amount of alcohol in your beverage.

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For National Beer Can Appreciation Day, Biden Administration Should Remove Aluminum Tariffs

by Jim McGreevy, President and CEO of Beer Institute

Yesterday marked National Beer Can Appreciation Day, which commemorates the historic day in 1935 when America’s favorite alcohol beverage was first sold in cans. Beer’s use of aluminum has increased drastically over the last 86 years, and American brewers now fill and sell more than 67 percent of the beer they make in the United States in aluminum cans and bottles per year.  America’s brewers purchased 37 billion cans in 2019, making aluminum the single largest input cost for brewers.

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Quotas replacing tariffs on Canadian aluminum will only hurt the beer industry

by Jim McGreevy, president and CEO of Beer Institute

When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  That modern proverbial saying was on full display when the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced it was lifting tariffs on non-alloyed, unwrought aluminum from Canada for the remainder of 2020.  It was a surprising statement, not a negotiated deal, with many strings and convenient dates to address the highly unpopular tariff imposed on Canadian imports in August.  First, the USTR says that it “expects” shipments of non-alloyed, unwrought aluminum from Canada to not

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Beer is Agriculture

by Bill Young, Senior Director, Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Enjoying a cold beer with family and friends is a simple pleasure, especially in times like now when things we once considered routine, like restocking the beer supply in our fridge, no longer seem quite so easy. Fortunately, the delivery of beer to retail shelves will continue through this pandemic because breweries have been designated essential to the nation’s food supply chain. By U.S. government definition, all beverages – including beer – are considered food.

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