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Statement from the Beer Institute on Underage Binge Drinking


Statement attributed to Joe McClain, President, Beer Institute:

“While there is always more work we can do, this Monitoring the Future Study found that all levels of teen binge drinking and extreme binge drinking actually decreased from 2005 to 2011. But even as these trends show progress, brewers and beer importers remain committed to working with parents, educators, law enforcement and retailers to reduce underage drinking.

“Brewers and beer importers invest millions of dollars to programs aimed at eliminating underage use of alcohol, such as individual company programs and the Federal Trade Commission’s ‘We Don’t Serve Teens’ effort. Unfortunately, many teens get alcohol from their parents, from other family members or from someone else’s home. That is why we encourage parents to talk with their children. Research tells us that parents are the biggest influence on their kids when it comes to teaching alcohol responsibility.”

Research Background:

A U.S. government survey reports that most teens get alcohol from legal-age adults. They get it from parents or other family members, or they take it from their or someone else’s home. Research has demonstrated that parents are the leading influence on whether or not teens make responsible decisions about alcohol.

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