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Becky Lloyd, PEng


Senior Advisor, Engineering Services
First Key Consulting
8+ years in the industry

Working as a chemical engineer and project manager in the beer industry is incredibly rewarding. I thrive on the passion my colleagues and our clients bring to the table. Whether it’s helping our clients tackle large-scale expansions, troubleshoot issues, improve efficiencies, or implement sustainable practices, the shared enthusiasm for the beer industry makes every project exciting. The sense of camaraderie within the industry is unparalleled. It is a supportive community where knowledge is exchanged, and friendships are created over a shared love of beer. It’s this passion that drives me to continually innovate and make a positive impact in this vibrant industry. Beyond the technical aspects, there’s a deep sense of fulfillment in knowing that my work contributes to an industry that brings people together, fosters social connections, and sparks joy.