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Caitlin Guelakis


Regional Sales Director – CT
Two Roads Brewing Company
Stratford, CT
15 years in the industry

Throughout the past 15 years, I have worked in all 3 tiers of the craft beer industry, but I definitely found my niche on the supplier side.

During my 2 years of distributor sales, Two Roads Brewing Company was always a brand I enjoyed selling. Knowing that everything they produced would be well crafted and consistent from batch to batch made it a no-brainer to lead with. The founding partners were hands-on, making sure that their beer, branding, and production were always on point.

In 2015, I started as the Sales Manager for Western CT for TRB. From there I’ve moved up the ranks to the Regional Sales Director for our home market. After 9 years at TRB, I still have surreal moments where I’m like, “I’m texting with Phil Markowski to ask a question about ingredients. How cool is that?