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Dr. Heather Pilkington


CEO & Managing Director
First Key Consulting
London, ON
20+ years in the brewing industry

As she reflected on her career in beer recently, a few things stood out to Dr. Heather Pilkington, CEO & Managing Director of First Key Consulting: the special connections that link those in the brewing industry together and a collegial teamwork approach solving major challenges in the industry.

“Most of the people I have come to know through beer have developed a deep passion for this industry,” she said. “They may move around and take on new roles, but they stay in the industry. As a result, many of the people I encountered early in my career have become life-long friends with whom I still enjoy crossing paths – whether it be as a colleague, mentor, supplier, advisor – all with a common interest in the brewing industry.”

As head of a growing brewing and beverage consulting firm, a typical week has her team leading brewing projects for craft to large-scale clients and private equity groups across the globe. Heather also remains active outside of work. She travels, runs, skis and plays squash when her schedule allows, though her passion for the brewing industry and the people in it keeps her busy.