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Lisa Garcia


Chief People Officer
Yakima Chief Hops
Yakima, WA
12 years in the industry

Lisa is passionate about people and beer. She switched careers from the health care industry to hops 12 years ago and since then has made a huge positive impact in the hop industry in general, and the Yakima Valley community in particular. One example is her involvement with the Boys and Girls Club in the Yakama Nation, where she serves on the board and spends time with female youth, encouraging them to continue their education and instilling confidence in them to become competent leaders in the future. At Yakima Chief Hops, Lisa is a remarkable leader, with a huge heart for helping empower people from marginalized communities and providing them with the skills necessary for their professional development. She’s been a vital part of Yakima Chief Hops and has played a critical role in its growth over the last decade.