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Tiffany Grenier


Microbiologist — F.X. Matt Brewing Company
Utica, NY
3 years in the industry

As our lead microbiologist, Tiffany is a rockstar – she is constantly looking for ways to improve quality, always striving to be better. Tiffany is eager to learn and grow, continuously evolving, and has become a leader at our brewery and in the industry, demonstrated by her role on the executive team of the Master Brewers of America – Western NY District. Fun Fact:  Tiffany met her (now) husband/FXM Assistant Brewmaster (Scott Grenier) at the FX Matt Brewery!

When we asked Tiffany what her favorite thing is about working in the beer industry, she said “I love working in the beer industry because everything about beer is rooted in science and nature. Terroir and Hop Flavor, how rainfall affects the malt crop, our ever-expanding understanding of the genetics of brewer’s yeast and its sophisticated metabolism….Everything that goes into brewing beer is connected, and getting to explore and learn about those connections is a real joy. All those complexities create one of the most sublime things – a great beer.”