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Beer Institute Praises North Dakota Legislature’s Rejection of Hard Liquor Tax Cuts


Today, the Beer Institute, a national trade organization representing the beer industry, released the following statement after HB 1303 was defeated in the North Dakota state legislature:

“We are pleased the North Dakota House rejected HB 1303, which would have arbitrarily reclassified liquor products as wine to reduce their tax rate – blurring the lines between distinctly different alcohol categories,” said Brian Crawford, president and CEO of the Beer Institute. “Legislators were wise to reject this handout for big liquor – saving significant tax revenue while protecting North Dakotan brewers, agricultural suppliers and consumers. We also know from the experience in Nebraska and Michigan, where similar legislation was enacted in 2021, that these tax cuts don’t result in lower prices for consumers at the store.”

Read the letter the CEOs of the Beer Institute, Brewers Association and National Beer Wholesalers Association sent the North Dakota House Finance and Taxation Committee on HB 1303.