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Caroline Sisson


Marketing Director
Heavy Seas Beer
Baltimore, MD
8 years in the inudstry

Caroline Sisson, daughter of Heavy Seas Beer founder Hugh Sisson, embodies the spirit of craft beer legacy. Beginning her career in craft beer at 21 years old, Caroline now leads as the Marketing Director for Maryland’s largest craft brewery. Additionally, she holds the position of President of the Brewers Association of Maryland.  As Heavy Seas Marketing Director, Caroline leads all marketing activities, spearheads beer events, oversees the brewery Taproom, and directs all creative and strategic initiatives. Her vibrant personality and love for beer infuses energy into her dynamic campaigns, which not only spotlight the brand’s exceptional brews but also celebrate the company’s rich craft beer history in Maryland.

One of Caroline’s favorite parts about working in craft beer is the opportunity to work alongside her father. Hugh Sisson played a pivotal role in legalizing brewpubs in Maryland in 1987, laying the groundwork for the state’s craft beer movement. As the torchbearer of this legacy, Caroline is determined to propel Heavy Seas Beer to greater heights. With her deep industry roots, marketing savvy, and extroverted nature, she is instrumental in shaping the brewery’s identity and expanding its regional presence. Through her innovative strategies and unwavering dedication, Caroline is charting an exhilarating course for the future of Heavy Seas Beer while honoring her father’s legacy.