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Danelle Kosmal


Vice President of Research — Beer Institute
Washington, D.C.

I love seeing the look on a seatmate’s face on the plane when they ask what I do, and I tell them that I make a living by talking about beer trends. I started my career in research and analytics helping clients sell consumer goods – anything from ketchup to tortillas. Then, eleven years ago, I went from supporting a cereal client to a beer client and never looked back. As a researcher, I love talking to consumers and shoppers about beer (and talking to neighbors, friends, and family about it…really anyone!) For me, there is no other beverage that is more fun or more social. Beer helps to create a sense of camaraderie, which is innately characteristic of the beer industry. I would imagine that is why many of us have developed life-long friendships in this industry. Is there a lot more room for women to grow in beer? Absolutely, and I’m here to grow with it.