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Jasmin Sahota


Technical Applications Manager- Beverage
Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.
Fresno, CA
15 years in the industry

My background in Chemistry helped prepare my career supporting the brewing and fermented beverage industry in my current role as a Technical Applications Manager at Gusmer Enterprises. At Gusmer, I lead a wonderful team of analytical and food scientists who work with Gusmer’s brewing customers through application support trials, the development of new brewing products, and the analytical and sensory analysis of beer and fermented beverages. I enjoy problem solving, developing products, and providing technical support to aid in solutions whether it is optimizing nutrients, yeast, fining, or filtration. Gusmer has a diverse portfolio of fermentation nutrients for beverage markets, and I lead the development of Gusmer’s first manufactured fermentation nutrient into the brewing market. Gusmer is a 100-year-old family-owned company that had its start as the exclusive distributor of a tank coating for the North and South American brewing industry. Since then, it has grown to support not just the brewing industry but also distilling, winemaking, pharmaceutical, and specialty flavor/food industries. A lot of science goes behind developing an enjoyable bottle of beer and that is what makes it fun for me.