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Beer Institute and Brewers Association Revise Advertising Standards Based on Updated U.S. Census Data


WASHINGTON – Today, the Beer Institute and Brewers Association, national trade organizations representing the beer industry, announced revisions to their respective ad codes with an updated audience demographic number based on 2020 Census data. This change impacts advertising and marketing materials and ensures those materials target audiences of legal drinking age. In line with updated national demographic data, members of these associations commit to targeting new media placements in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and digital media where adults of legal drinking age make up least 73.6 percent of the audience.

“Brewers have a long-standing commitment to self-regulation, and that starts with directing advertising and marketing to adult consumers of legal drinking age,” said Beer Institute Vice President and General Counsel Mary Jane Saunders. “That’s why we voluntarily amended our Advertising and Marketing Code to include an updated audience demographic of no less than 73.6 percent legal drinking age adults. Based on recently released Census data, this revision will ensure the beer industry’s Advertising and Marketing Code stays up to date as populations and demographics shift.”

“It’s vital to stay relevant to the latest demographic data. Our updated code will help ensure that our members continue to market their products responsibly,” said Marc Sorini, General Counsel, Brewers Association.

The last demographic update, in May 2011, based on 2010 Census data, was 71.6 percent.