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75% of Americans age 21 and older support nutrition labels on alcohol beverages  

WASHINGTON – More than 95% of the beer volume sold by Anheuser-Busch, Molson Coors Beverage Company, Constellation Brands Beer Division, HEINEKEN USA, and FIFCO USA now voluntarily provides nutritional information, according to the results of an independent survey by John Dunham and Associates released today by the Beer Institute. No other alcohol segment can match the transparency these brewers and beer importers provide to consumers.

“The beer industry is proud to provide consumers with key nutritional information so adults of legal drinking age can be better informed about the alcohol beverages they choose to enjoy,” said Jim McGreevy, president and CEO of the Beer Institute. “The Beer Institute’s Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative is just another example of how beer industry leaders are meeting the needs of consumers. Consumers can now get nutritional disclosures for the overwhelming majority of beer in the United States, unlike liquor and wine, which do not even come close to providing consumers with this level of information. The beer industry is proud to be the leader in nutritional transparency among all alcohol categories.”

Announced in 2016, the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (BVDI) is the first coordinated effort by an alcohol category to meet consumer demand for increased nutritional transparency. Recent polling demonstrates consumers’ overwhelming support for the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative and the potential positive impact it will have on consumers making responsible decisions about drinking.

According to July 2021 polling conducted by Quadrant Strategies, 75% of Americans age 21 and older said they believe alcohol beverages should have nutrition labels. When informed about the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, 78% of Americans age 21 and older support it, and 60% say they are more likely to purchase an alcohol beverage that provides this information. Indeed, 72% say it encourages responsible alcohol consumption. Finally, 77% of Americans would support wine and liquor companies providing this information to consumers.

“Americans want to be better informed about the alcohol they consume, particularly around nutritional labeling and alcohol content,” said Max Steinhorn, senior consultant for Quadrant Strategies. “That’s why Americans overwhelmingly support the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative and see it as a way to encourage responsible consumption of alcohol beverages. It’s also why they’re urging the wine and liquor industries to follow the beer industry’s lead and be more transparent with key information about alcohol beverages.”

For more information on the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, visit The nationwide survey by Quadrant Strategies was conducted from July 5, 2021, to July 6, 2021, on behalf of the Beer Institute. The survey was conducted online to 1,500 American adults, age 21 years old and older.

Quadrant Strategies is a research-driven consultancy that works with Fortune 100 companies, global political leaders, major NGOs and issue advocacy groups on some of their highest-profile corporate and public affairs issues. Quadrant was founded in 2015 by Billy Mann and Scott Siff, who combined have almost thirty years of experience running market research projects for companies around the globe.