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Beer Institute Responds to JAMA Research


In response to research published in JAMA Pediatrics, Jim McGreevy, President and CEO of the Beer Institute, said:

“The study fails to take into consideration the fact that underage drinking has shown steady and steep declines. There are serious questions into the goals of the authors – perhaps something other than objective science. The social scientists who have been at work on the issue of underage drinking the longest have found, time and time again, that the single most important influence on teen drinking are parents.

“Brewers and beer importers are committed to supporting responsibility efforts, like encouraging parents to talk with their kids, training servers and retailers on how to spot underage drinkers and adhering to an advertising code that requires brewers to market only to adults of legal drinking age. People in the brewing and beer importing business work hard on responsibility efforts every single day, and devote significant time and resources to preventing underage drinking and drunk driving.”

For more information about the Commitment to Responsibility of brewers and beer importers, please visit our website.